See What the Backend Admin Can Do.

Full-Fledged Backend Admin

From the decoration area, price rules, color restrictions and everything in between can be changed and controlled from the backend admin with the click of a few buttons.

Product List

  • Assign decoration area where customers can apply their logo. Set the decoration area size such as the A3, A4 or any custom area sizes.
  • Set the decoration method for the selected products and get an overlaid effect likewise. For example, if you assign screen printing the effect will be a flat logo, for embroidery you will get a stitch effect, etc.

Imprint Methods

  • Set multiple price rules based on color, quantity, white base, etc. You can also add a price range depending on the number of colors in the design.
  • Next, you can limit the number of colors of the logo or the design that can be uploaded by your customers. You can selectively allow the number of colors for various decoration methods. For example, if it’s laser engraving the checkbox for “Allow full color” will be disabled and the max color allowed will be one.

Static Links

  • Create static links of the logo from the backend admin and send it to your buyers so that they can preview their logos and designs on the products. Access all static links for all buyers from one section.


  • Assign multiple fonts from a drop-down in the Assets section. Control all your font options, as well as upload and provide unlimited font options to your customers.
  • Soon we will update thousands of more assets such as cliparts and primitives to the design tool.
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